After analyzing and making a coherent assessment of the candidate, the psychologist makes a Pilot Profile with scores and prognoses for the candidate, as flying officer and future captain. Our assessments and prognosis are based on an evaluation of the candidates’ current capabilities and aptitude for pilot airline work. However, especially when assessing student pilots (Ab Initio) for flying training it also includes the candidates’ future potentials to become pilots. The final report, the Pilot profile, covers five broad areas (plus an introductory Comment on Background and finishing Additional comments):

  • Learning and Training Capacity
  • Basic Operational Skills
  • Emergency Readiness
  • Personality
  • Social Skills
  • Airline Pilot Commanding Potentials

In each area, the candidate gets a score (between 1-9) and a short comment about their strengths and weaknesses. The Pilot profile report ends up with the final conclusion: recommended or not recommended. Generally, we present our findings, final recommendations and motives for the pilot selection Board, and it is then up to the company to make its decisions about recruitment.

The ethical standard and professionalism within SIAP is high – both concerning its clients and candidates. Subsequently, the personal integrity of the candidates as well as the information and conclusions are handled with highest respect and confidentiality.