There are three things (at least) that makes SIAPs selection method exceptional. First of all we perform dynamic assessments, i.e. no single test or assessment is a sole determining factor. Data are put in relation to each other, interpreted and analyzed to a coherent assessment of the candidates´ pilot potentials. Secondly, the value of any psychological aptitude test depends on how it is used. To make a professional assessment requires experience and expertise in human psychology as well as aptitude testing and knowledge of aviation. Our consultants are all highly trained and experienced in these aspects. Thirdly, in order to generate more reliable and valid assessments we use two examining psychologist. The first psychologist is responsible for the final assessment and the second functions as advisory.  This way, you don’t risk the possible influence of personal likes and dislikes, and consequently, enhance the reliability, professionalism and ethical standards.

When the interview is finished, the psychologist put together and analyse all the information obtained during the four step assessment process. Again, the value, and what makes this method exceptional, is the interpretation of the totality. There is no value of single aptitude tests if you want to know how the candidate for example is functioning during high workload, in interaction with others or under unpredictable conditions. This is one of the reasons why the Team work and Individual examinations represents an important part of our selection model. When the data are put in relation to each other, it provides a good understanding of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and hence, the pilot potentials of the candidate. After discussions between the first and second psychologist an individual profile is created for each candidate by the psychologist in charge.