During the individual examination, the candidate undergoes two computerized tests designed to measure their operational skills regarding simultaneous capacity, stress tolerance and spatial ability.  Each test takes about five minutes, and the candidates behaviour and performance is not only measured by the actual result in the computer test, but also closely watched by the psychologist. Together, our two Computer Based Pilot Ability tests display the candidates´ performance regarding:
  • Spatial orientation
  • Simultaneous capacity
  • Division of attention
  • Motor/manual skills
  • Stress tolerance
  • Perceptual speed and accuracy
  • Vigilance and alertness

After the computer tests the candidate is called to the Personal interview with the psychologist. This ordinarily takes place the same day, after a short break where the psychologists have had time to confer with each other about their candidates’ performance. SIAP works according to a system with two examining psychologists in order to generate more reliable and valid assessments.