The requirements of modern-day pilots are high and diverse. Besides from the basic skills related to the operative tasks, a pilot of today also need to be able to handle the responsibilities that go with crew resource management and other social interaction in advanced human-machine systems. The ability to work in teams and to execute leadership when needed has become essential in a high-tech and changing cockpit environment. This requires a well structured personality which ensures stable functioning, sound decision-making and the ability to handle complex information and changing conditions. This demands both for a sound basic emotional maturity and communication skills.
Through different team work exercises we test how the candidates cooperate, communicate and act in the above mentioned senses.  In groups of five to seven persons, the candidates are given tasks to solve by collaborating with each other.  In general, the group has 30 – 40 minutes to collectively solve the task, and the essential is how each person cooperates and communicates with the other team-members. Crucial areas that we look upon in the team-work exercise are:

  • Cooperation/ team work capacity and attitude 
  • Initiative/proactivity
  • Leadership 
  • Drive/motivation
  • Goal orientation
  • Attentiveness
  • Decision making
  • Communication skills

After the team work exercise a second screening takes place, where the candidates´ result from the Written Aptitude test is weighed together with his/her performance in the Team work exercise.  The candidates that have passed these two first steps now proceed on to the individual examinations: the Computer based Pilot Ability test and Personal Interviews.