SIAP stands for the Scandinavian Institute of Aviation Psychology, and is a Limited Company owned by Dr Marika Melin and Dr Pär Larsson. Associated to SIAP is a group of Swedish psychologists and scientists with expertise within the field of aviation, but also other areas within the field of human resources.  We offer high standard, cost-efficient solutions adapted to our customers needs and the demands required of pilots and other personnel in the modern day commercial airline. Our fundamental goal is to enhance and improve the quality of the flight crew and thereby the overall flight safety. Rapid technical development and new demands in the operational context in air carriers has made this a crucial issue – with a serious impact on the assessment, selection and development of flight crew members of all levels. 

SIAP has by means of our experienced consultants a profound experience of selecting Ab Initio candidates and qualified pilots for major airlines and flying training schools in Scandinavia and South-East Asia. Our consultants are highly educated (licensed psychologists and/or Ph.D), have broad experience and are well established within their field of expertise: Behaviour science research, complex safety-critical industry, flying training schools and management and leadership training.

SIAP offers professional service in:
  • Assessment and pilot selection to commercial airlines (Qualified pilots and Ab Initio).
  • Assessment and selection to flying training schools (Ab Initios).
  • Assessment and selection of Cabin Crew and other airline personnel.
  • Human Factors training and education in areas such as man-machine, safety, cognitive capacity and management.
  • Leadership assessments and recruitment.
  • Counselling / Crisis handling.