Aviation Psychology and other assignments

Besides from our pilot assessment and selection programs, SIAP also provides a wide range of other services in our professional field of expertise:

  • Cabin Crew Screening Program: SIAP provides an extensive test battery based on modern research about the capacities needed to become a skilled, service minded and safety oriented member of the cabin crew.
  • Recruitment and selection: of other qualified and advanced management positions outside the commercial airline industry. Our primary target group is top management staff and other specialists in the public and private sector.
  • Counseling: including personal assessment and capacity analysis of a persons´ qualifications and aptitude for a specific work. Often young adults, standing before a choice of a long education, particularly airline pilot training.
  • Lecturing and education: within a wide range of areas concerning personality assessment, cognitive capabilities, flight safety and crisis management, learning and training, and management. SIAP has long experience of lecturing that includes both lecturing at the University and setting up courses for private company customers specific needs.
  • Supervising and coaching: both individually and in groups. SIAP conducts supervising seminars and individual coaching/support for managers and employees in training and high-demanding career situations.