SIAP has a long and profound experience of selecting pilots for major international airline companies. Based on the specific airlines´ pilot requirements, the company culture and general environmental factors in modern air carriers, we use reliable scientific methods to select the best possible pilots in the most professional and efficient way. Aptitude testing and the selection of persons with a high level of pilot potentials is first and foremost a way of contributing to future safe flight operations, but also a way for the airline company to reduce its costs and promote the company.

To assess pilot aptitude we need information about capacities and abilities. Aptitude is about an individuals´ capability in relation to a specific work - in this case the working conditions of a cockpit. Thus, the requirements are primarily given by the operative tasks and responsibilities that go with crew resource management in a high-tech, and changing cockpit environment. Cultural factors and other specific demands that the specific customer airline company may have, are also included in the requirements and methods we apply.

Our selection method is based on a comprehensive examination of each candidate, including written tests, performance analysis and thorough individual interviews. More detailed information about the selection process can be found under the headline “The assessment process”.